Case Study

Succession Planning for small  financial services firm


The client operated a boutique financial services company, which was totally owner dependent in relation to income generation. Client had no succession plan, was approaching retirement age and had received an offer to sell his business. The client required our advice regarding the offer and other options to be considered.

Client Issues

  • Business Valuation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Maximise Business Value
  • Succession Planning
  • Earn Out


  • TRP prepared a revised offer regarding terms of sale which was accepted by vendor.

With assistance of TRP client was able to evaluate all options regarding revised sales offer versus maintaining his business and maximising business value through the Start Your Earn Out Now process.


The Rufus Partnership (TRP) discussed all key issues with client including:

  • Current income levels
  • Review of existing business model
  • Income growth potential
  • Asset and Liability position
  • Income required in retirement
  • Years to retirement
  • Exit Strategies

TRP prepared a business valuation and identified key risks and value drivers.

TRP analysed existing written offer to identify if it achieved clients objectives.

  • What was risk of accepting offer
  • What were benefits of accepting offer



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