Start Your Earn-Out Now® (SYEON) is a proprietary process that has been developed by us to ensure Australian family and private business owners can achieve maximum business value.

SYEON uses a unique hands-on approach, which involves us working with you in your business to implement a process that delivers a solution to maximise business value.

The process positions a business for sale, whether this sale is by choice or forced and, when combined with correct timing, aims to ensure the business is part of the 5% minority which actually achieves maximum value. However, if you decide not to sell the business you will have an investment asset that can provide you with a solid return on investment without the requirement of you being actively involved in the business on a day to day basis. 

Process Overview

The following is a pictorially representation of the SYEON process. In it we focus on 5 critical success factors 

Our Process


The SYEON process is divided into three (3) discrete phases:

Phase I – Diagnosis/Analysis

Phase 1

The tasks that comprise Phase 1 are as follows:


Review of preliminary information
Diagnosis/Analysis Workshop
Indicative Valuation
Status Report & GAP Analysis Preparation
Status Report & GAP Analysis Presentation

Phase II – Value Maximisation

Phase 2

Phase II involves the implementation of the tactical roadmap and assistance in the execution of the strategy.

Unlike Phase I and III where the process is prescribed and able to be reasonably well articulated, Phase II is individually tailored to meet the needs and requirements of the client, all of which is derived from the tactical roadmap.

Phase III – Value Realisation

Phase 3

Upon the most appropriate exit opportunity being determined and the timing thereof, a detailed strategy is prepared for its execution which includes:


Preparation of sales documentation
Identification of potential acquirers
Management of potential acquirer communication
Review indicative non-binding offers
Preparation of due diligence material
Due diligence


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