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Business Valuations & Benchmarking

The Rufus Partnership executive team has in excess of 50 years accumulated experience in business valuations and merger & acquisition activity.

We can provide valuations across any industry and use an online patented and APES 225 compliant tool that determines a business cap rate/profit multiple based on the business profit, free after tax cashflow and risk profile.

We do not simply use ‘industry averages’ or ‘gut feeling’ to determine our valuation parameters.

A Business Valuation can be used to assist

  • Baseline for future growth assessment.
  • Sellers – will I get what I expect or need?
  • Relationship breakdowns.
  • Ownership changes or disputes.
  • Succession and estate planning.
  • Tax Planning.
  • Insurance.
  • Finance Applications.

We also have access to Valuation Benchmarks that allows us to compare your business to other ‘like’ businesses and identify future value improvement opportunities.

The Business Valuation is the cornerstone of the preparation of the sale or transition of any business.

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