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About Secure Risk Protection

Secure Risk Protection is a specialist Risk advice business, established to provide clients with financial peace of mind from the event of Death, Illness or Injury. They advise small and medium businesses on ongoing succession as well as individuals looking to financially protect themselves and their family.

Family welfare is generally of the highest importance to you. A business owner will also consider the continued strength of their vibrant business or the fair value of an equity sale to be of paramount concern. However a major illness or accident is likely to destabilise these goals and can have a profound impact on family, lifestyle and overall wealth. Good advice and planning may overcome financial loss.

Risk Management

Strategic Partner Service

What They Do

Secure’s  specialities include financial protection for you, your family and your lifestyle and sheltering Business Owners from loss of business value. Both are explained below:

Lifestyle and Family living costs may be compromised if the ability to earn an income was jeopardised. Consider being unable to meet daily lifestyle costs, mortgage repayment, school fees and saving for retirement. In the event of suffering a major Trauma event or even Death, most view it as essential that their lifestyle and family does not suffer from significant financial misfortune at an already difficult time.

Business Succession is an area of specialisation for Secure Risk Protection. The value of a proprietor’s equity may represent one of the most valuable assets they own. With the absence of a plan - ‘a business Will’ - the unforseen loss of a business partner may jeopardise the equity value and risk the unwelcomed entry of a foreign shareholder into the business (i.e. spouse). Having a pre-agreed plan and the immediate funding solution, via a death and disability insurance policy, removes these risks. By placing insurance to fund the transaction and executing the critical buy/sell legal agreement, business value will not be undermined.

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